A brief introduction to the witching world….

Hello to you, and welcome to Holly Potter and the Witching World, my very own Harry Potter fanfic! It’s a complete AU/re-imagining of the classic story and franchise; it’s more adult-oriented (there will be NSFW parts, but I’ll warn you in advance), more LGBTQ-focused, and definitely more feminine than what we’re used to from the Potterverse.

Yes, it’s Fem!Harry, but it’s more than that. In this universe, more than 90% of magical births are female. Hence, you have the “witching world” instead of canon’s “wizarding world.”

It’s not really a harem story, at least not the kind of “harem story” you usually get with HP fanfiction… though harems and polygamy are central to the witching world and will play a large role in the story. After all, when there are so few men around, women have to either share, or learn to get by without men. (Or go find themselves a Muggle man, but that brings with it its own set of problems when Muggles aren’t supposed to know about magic.)

Magic works a little differently in this world as well… so if you, while reading this story, come across a section that makes you go “Hey! This isn’t how things work in canon!”… well, then, you’re probably right.

But for all that, the story still starts with a neglected orphan whose entire world changes when she is introduced to a world of magic, who finds herself off to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and who eventually will have to face down the evil wizard who killed her parents.

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