Art Gallery

Here’s the artwork I’ve done for the witching world setting. Mostly it’s character images, because I like giving myself a clear image of what my version of the characters look like.


My version of the characters. I know, even the ones who do have the same gender as canon don’t look much like the movie versions. Dumbledore looks much younger and Hermione definitely doesn’t look like Emma Watson. That’s completely deliberate: I always imagined that in the witching world, witches and wizards aged a lot more slowly, post-puberty…. so though Dumbledore is well above a hundred, in my AU he still looks like he’s in his forties. As for Hermione, I imagined her as black long before I saw the movies, so in this universe she’s black.


Here, our four main characters show off the variants of ways to wear your Hogwarts uniform. As you can see, in the witching world students don’t wear robes… robes are a wizard thing, not a witch thing. Instead, all the students get a black, wide-brimmed pointy hat and a black cloak, spelled to be waterproof and cold-resistant, for outdoors use.

Otherwise, girls wear a plain, grey gymslip with a plated skirt, over a white blouse (short sleeves for summer, long sleeves for winter), and a sash in their house colour tied around the waist. Shoes should be black, and socks would be black or grey, but can be any length you want. You’re also allowed to wear pantyhose or leggings if it’s cold… or you just don’t want to show off your bare legs. When it comes to underwear, you’re free to wear what you like.

Boys, by contrast, wear a light grey, knitted waistcoat over a white shirt (again, short sleeves for summer and long sleeves for winter) and a purple tie, and long, dark grey trousers. Shoes and socks should be black, but again, it’s completely up to you what kind of underwear you want to wear.