Hey! …There’s not a whole lot here yet. There will eventually be a bit of behind-the-scenes content, descriptions of some of the non-human races and even more about what the differences are between the witching world and the canon wizarding world…

But for now, here are a couple of pages from my extensive notes.

And here’s the original profile of Holly Potter of the Evans line, and Veronica Weasley of the Prewett line, as created for that original roleplay that was the start of the Witching World!

Holly Potter of the Evans line (also known as “the Impossible Child” or “Girl Who Lived”)
is one of the most famous young witches in the witching world, after the wizard terrorist
Tom Riddle met his supposed end while trying and failing to kill her when she was a baby.
She’s small and slender, with gold-rimmed glasses and silky black hair that she usually
wears in braids or pigtails, and her face and mannerisms are deceptively sweet and angelic-
looking. While a good-hearted person, and sometimes a little too innocently naïve, she can
be temperamental and sarcastic, almost suicidally brave and reckless… and with a talent
for trouble and a penchant for ignoring rules when they’re inconvenient.

Yep, it’s Fem!Harry, but maybe not as you know her. Not that there aren’t similarities
between Holly Potter of the Evans line and Harry Potter of canon: Holly, like Harry, is famous
as the sole survivor of the Killing Curse, and grew up with her loathsome, neglectful aunt and
uncle who did not tell her about the magical world. Like Harry, she is a Gryffindor, she’s an
excellent Quidditch player, she’s very close to the Weasleys, she’s sometimes awkward
about her celebrity status, and she’s occasionally a little mouthy.

However, there are a lot of differences, and they don’t all revolve around having a vagina:
Unlike Harry, Holly’s lightning-bolt scar is on her stomach, right above her bellybutton,
which makes it less obvious. And unlike Harry, Holly does not possess the famous Invisibility
cloak, but does wield the Elder Wand… an Elder Wand that unbeknownst to the world at
large is possessed by the spirit of her mother Lily.

Oh, and of course, Holly lives in the witching world… an alternate universe where 90% of
all magical births are female, almost all your fave HP characters are girls, and as a result
the polygamy and harems (known as “covens”) are commonplace, the very few magical
guys who exist being shared by several girls. A regular-sized coven consists of one husband,
five or six wives, and after some time probably a number of daughters (and usually no more
than one son). Holly herself, due to circumstances, grew up in the Muggle world where
men aren’t rare and monogamy is the norm… but unlike many Muggle-borns she has
embraced the witching world’s idea of family and probably wouldn’t mind being in a coven.
And aince she is a celebrity, she might have several options…